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Chianti Services Imports (CSI) is a boutique wine importer, distributor and retailer based in Southern California. We represent a carefully curated list of artisanal wineries, many of which are exclusive CSI imports. Our wines are from small farming family estates that have a passionate hands on approach, both in the vineyard and in the cellar. Organic wineries who have respect for the soil, and who are not turning to modern alternatives of chemical use in the vineyard and soil base. Estates that are involved in every aspect of the winemaking process from vine to cork, and where the winemaker is a constant hands on presence overseeing every aspect of vinification from selecting the best fruit, to its fermentation, aging and bottling. These are not mass produced corporate wines, but limited production wines with unique styles and flavors that vary with each new vintage, wines that tell a story you can taste; what the fruit endured during the growing season, the soil, climate and elevation, by who and how they were cared for, they tell of tradition and heritage, and that special touch of the winemaker. Only pure farming practices, only pure clean fruit, only great grapes make great wine. The wines produced are handcrafted and superior wines, true works of arts. We want to connect you with the best wines from Italy. Wines that are above and beyond what you would find in a grocery store, or on a typical restaurant wine list. We don’t want you to drink good wine, we want you to drink great wine, and we want to make it available to everyone. We believe you should have something special in the house, for you, for your guests, and for gift giving.